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A leveling system bot that is fully functional 24/7 h



Bot Setup Video

Some of you might don't know how to setup the bot so here's the setup video 馃敆Link: https://youtu.be/qFZu2TO0wKQ


Leveling Core Bot


-rank - pokazuje ile xp ma u偶ytkownik i na kt贸rym miejscu jest w rankingu EN: SHOWS HOW MUCH XP DOES USER HAVE AND WHAT PLACE ON RANKING HE/SHE/IT IS ON RANKING

-leaderboard - pokazuje top 10 u偶ytkownik贸w EN:SHOWS TOP 10 USERS

-role-level - ustawia rol臋 za level EN:SETS ROLE FOR GIVEN LEVEL

-add-level - dodaje okre艣lony level spingowanemu u偶ytkownikowi EN:ADS PINGED USER LEVEL THAT WAS WRITTEN IN THE COMMAND

-help - pokazuj臋 liczbe komend EN:SHOWS ALL COMMANDS

-remove-level - usuwa podan膮 liczbe level贸w spingowanemu u偶ytkownikowi EN: REMOVES LEVEL PINGED USER THAT WAS SPECIFIED BEFORE PING

-set-level - ustawia podany level danemu u偶ytkownikowi EN: SETS LEVEL TO PINGED USER

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