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Rick-Roll Bot

A simple, fun bot with commands to join your voice channel and rick-roll everyone in it.



Note: The bot has a 100 server cap, as it is not verified. Currently we're just about at the limit, so you may not be able to invite the bot.

Picture this:

You're in a voice channel with your friends. You're all chatting together, but suddendly someone (a bot) joins, and you're all Rick-rolled! If that sounds appealing, Rick-Roll Bot may be for you.

To use this simple, fun bot, you only need to know 2 commands: Want to rickroll your friends? Say ;;rickroll and the bot will play the song.

Want it to stop? ;;stop It's just as simple as that!

This bot has very high uptime, and little to no bugs, but if you find any, make sure to report them - it'll help keep the bot in pristine condition.


  • ;;rickroll [-silent] - Bot joins your voice chat and starts playing Never Gonna Give You Up
  • ;;stop [-silent] - Bot leaves your voice channel
  • ;;help - A full list of commands
  • ;;version
  • ;;support - Returns the link to the support server
  • ;;ping [-simple] - Simple command for testing the speed of the bot.
  • ;;suggest (suggestion here) - Sends a suggestion to the developer

The -silent tag will delete your message after you've sent it, if the bot has Manage Messages permissions. (You can just turn off Manage Messages to disable this feature.)

Host the bot yourself:

The bot is open source, but I haven't made a tutorial for hosting yet.

The song:

(Full credit to Rick Astley for the song, of course!)

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