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Actidroid is an actively updated bot and active with a lot of features. If you think up a cool feature and want it to be added, you can send a message to the dev and if your idea is good, you will probably see it added to Actidroid.

Some cool things you can do with Actidroid are:

  • Createaccount | Make your account with Actidroid!
  • Shop | Get some items or equipment for quests and rent
  • Myportfolio | Check your stocks and cryptos (make sure you buy some first with ,buy)
  • Inventory | Check what items you own! The more you have the more money you get when renting them with ,rent
  • Rent | Get some money from your items (make sure you buy some first with ,buy)
  • Hangman | Play a game of hangman to earn some money
  • Blackjack | Play a game of blackjack to earn some money
  • Quests | See what quests you can do and go on a quest!
  • Train | Level up your skills by playing some fun games
  • Customcommands | Give Actidroid some custom responses to custom commands
  • Meme | Have Actidroid send some memes from a subreddit of your choice
  • Purge | Delete some messages
  • Kick, Ban | Get that rule breaker out of here!
  • Warn, Mute | Punish your server members!
  • Supportresponse | If you're ever confused about something then use supportresponse to send a support request through DMs

There's probably more features that I forgot and/or didn't add here because I didn't update this page every update.

Now's probably a good time to mention that the money in Actidroid is virtual money with no value irl, so... ADD Actidroid FOR SOME EASY VIRTUAL MONEY!

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