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Eric is a Multi Management bot with features of Moderation, Support, Utility, Currency, Memes, Fun, Role Management.






Bot Features: Moderation, Support, Utility, Currency, Memes, Fun, Role Management and other possible features.

FAQ Where can I find the list of commands and explanation of each command? Use %%help to show the command list.

What's the default prefix for YoungJae? Can I change it? The default prefix is %% You can't change the prefix.

I forget the bot's prefix. Where can I find the current prefix? You can use %%prefix to check the current prefix of the guild.

Why the bot asking for permission ? The bot's basic functionality should work with basic permission (Like Read Messages, Send Messages, Embed Links).

Here are the list of "crucial permissions" that the bot asks when you invite the bot. It's safe to opt-out in case of you don't need the feature. Manage Messages : For deleting messages Manage Nickname : For applying nick format on members. More FAQs will be added soon.

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