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A bot designed to play music, also provides moderation commands!






New Commands

New commands out! - Servericon (Displays server icon) - Avatar (Displays user avatar)


Bot features

  • Pepes Music Bot plays any music from YouTube with the following command: !play URL or MUSIC NAME.
    • URL must be a YouTube URL.
  • It plays YouTube playlists too with the following command: !play PLAYLIST URL.
  • Pepes Music Bot provides moderation and information commands too:
    • Ban and Unaban, Kick and Purge!
    • Serverinfo and Userinfo!
  • The bot offers a variety of other commands that can be found with !help or !commands.
    • You can know more about a specific command using !help COMMAND.
    • Commands Website
  • To be able to enjoy the music features you must be in a call.
  • Pepes Music Bot offers many filter commands such as 8D, Vaporwave, usage: !filter FILTER.
    • Check !commands for a list of filters.
  • Pepes Music Bot stays up 24/7 that means you can use it anytime (It can be down for maintenence).
  • This is basically it! Hope you use it!

New commands are added constantly! Invite <- Click to invite the bot to your server now!

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