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Admin, arms dealing, meme making, insult giving+ Reddit. You can also check the weather, your favourite stocks, Twitch +send emails






Dylan's Bot

(I could not think of a better name)


Dylan's Bot has the basic kick, ban, unban, clear and react_role (reaction roles). If you just want to take action against someone without giving a reason, the bot will come up with one for you! (toxicity varies).


This is the currency section of Dylan's Bot. The standard currency is the AK-47, which is what you can use to buy items like ICBMs, Panzers and B-24s. You can use these items to steal AKs from your friends, just to annoy them. You can also get child-soldiers to fight for you, and enhance them by feeding them skittles. There are also minigames, e.g. hangman. This is not all of it.


Enlighten yourself by using Dylan's Bot. You can get quotes from your bot to enhance your brain (not the cringey ones that you see on Facebook). Using the bot you can also ask your friends the eternal life question 'did anyone ask?"


member_count, coin_flip, dice, avatar and parrot


I have tried to make the bot as self explanatory as possible. You can use £help [command] for more info on a command and £help [category] for more info on a category. Every command on the bot has some sort of accessible information attached to it.

You can also join the Official Support Server

I am quite active because I have nothing better to do with my spare time.


With one command, make a meme of your choice, with the text of your writing.


Violate your friends using the bot (step 1, get friends).


There are many categories in the NSFW section, because we are sophisticated people. (I have some weird friends that told me to add stuff to the bot.) NSFW commands are only available in NSFW marked channels.


You can send anonymous emails using the bot, and check the weather of your location.


Dylan's Bot can source Reddit memes and jokes for you.


Search urban_dictionary for definitions, wiki for wikipedia, movie for movie info (sources: IMDB and TMDB), tv for tv shows, image for images and more coming soon!


Check how stocks or currencies are doing, using the bot.


If you are bored, you can get a link to a handpicked live streamer using the bot (if you want to join this list, let me know).

There are many more commands! add the bot to your servers to try them out.

The aim of this bot is to build a little community and give me something to do with my abundant spare time.

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