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Cadena 100

Bot to play Cadena 100 radio station on your discord server.


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Cadena 100

Cadena 100 Cadena 100

Cadena 100 is a bot to play Cadena 100 radio station in your discord server.

List of commands

  • !cadena100 start >> Command to start the radio on the voice channel you are on.
  • !cadena100 stop >> Command to stop the radio.
  • !cadena100 refresh >> Command to recover the sound in case it is no longer audible.

  • How to use it?

    Simply go to a voice channel and on any text channel enter the command !cadena100 start and the bot will automatically join your channel and play the radio station.

    Do you want other radio station?

    If you want to see the other radio stations available, you can find them by clicking here.
    For any suggestion or problem you can write me by discord: SEOAlexRamon#9131

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