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advanced moderation, roleplay, fun and many more!


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Shiina is an awesome bot with a lot of fun commands to enjoy.

( keep in mind this table is probably out of date but im to lazy to update use s!help to see newer commands )

Commands Description
kiss give someone a kiss
hug hug someone
pat give someone a headpat
lick lick someone
slap slap someone >:(
cry It's ok :)
poke poke someone
blush blush uwu
punch punch someone >:(
smile express your emotions
dance express your emotions
cat random image of a cat
duck random image of a duck
fox random image of a fox
dog random image of a dog
8ball Ask the 8ball a question
yesorno Ask a yes or no question to get a yes or no response
tweet tweet something
kanna make kanna say something
phcomment make it look like you commented something
kemonomimi get cute images of catgirls
magik magik your pfp
changemymind change my mind
pick i will pick something for you onii-chan
reverse reverse's text
spoiler makes text into a spoiler
say make me say anything onii-chan
sayembed turn anything you say into an embed
clap clap emojis between text

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