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IT (Information technology) based bot can search tech queries, also runs discord based CTF challenge.



we designed this bot specifically for IT(Information technology) sector people, those who comes from infosec field (geeks & nerds). we are trying to add useful IT tools-commands that can help people in so many ways.

Bot prefix is sudo

Type: sudo help - for all bot commands

Bot commands usage details:


  1. sudo tinyurl <url> - shorten any URL

  2. sudo ping <domain> - can ping any domain to check his latency and find site status also fetch IP of domain

  3. sudo color or sudo color <hex> - can find hex of any color or generate random hex code color

  4. sudo iambig <emoji> - make emoji bigger

  5. sudo remind <5m> <msg> - reminder command, can ask bot to remind for anything.

  6. sudo ip <ip> - can fetch IP information

  7. sudo recover - can recover last deleted message in discord server.

  8. sudo recover edit - can recover last edited message in discord server.

  9. sudo base64 -e <msg> - To encode in base64

  10. sudo base64 -d <msg> - To decode in base64

  11. sudo rot -e <type_of_rot ex:13> <msg> - encode any rot

  12. sudo rot -d <type_of_rot> <msg> - decode any rot

  13. sudo curl <url> <grep_obj> - grep obj from URL

  14. sudo phlookup <number> <country_name_code> - caller id lookup

  15. sudo domain <domain> - fetch domain details


  1. sudo meme - meme command (fetch from api)

  2. sudo motivate - motivate/inspire command

  3. sudo emoji <msg> - can convert text in emoji

  4. sudo spoil <msg> - can cover whole message in spoiler

  5. sudo reddit <query> - can search reedit for image

  6. sudo advice - can give good advice using command

  7. sudo roast - roast command for roasting each other

  8. sudo joke - can crack joke

  9. sudo gif - can search for gif using api

  10. sudo choose <a> <b> - choose command, it can make decision for you

  11. sudo call <msg> - allow you chat with different server

  12. sudo game - play game

  13. sudo act <@user> <msg> - act like other user

  14. sudo tictactoe - play tictactoe

  15. sudo connectfour <@user> - play connectfour


  1. sudo guildinfo - Can fetch details about server/guild

  2. sudo whois <@user> - fetch user details using command

  3. sudo clear <5> - can delete bulk message with manage-message permission

  4. sudo echo <msg> - can echo whatever you say

  5. sudo afk <mag> - set afk

  6. sudo whoami - about bot

  7. sudo contact <msg> - contact developer send msg


  1. sudo su - Super user access

  2. sudo ctf run - set up ctf in current server

  3. sudo nano/vim/cat <filename> - Open files

  4. sudo winners - CTF winners list in current server


  1. sudo wiki <query> - search Wikipedia

  2. sudo poll <title> <item1> item2> - Create poll

  3. sudo define <query> - can define general queries

  4. sudo covid <country> - Check covid-19 stats

  5. sudo news - can fetch trending cyber security news

  6. sudo tutorial - ask for random tech tutorial

  7. sudo urban <word> - can search urban dictionary

  8. sudo search <query> - search tech tutorial

  9. sudo embed <#hexcolor> | <title> | <description> - create embeded msg

  10. sudo selfdestruct <text channel> <time> <message> - create a timed msg

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