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A Multiuse bot, under developing, but you can do so much things with it







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A Multi-use bot with some systems where sometime these can be usefull.


This bot can do, Backups, Giveaways and can be a good automoderation bot or a good Emote Manager.


Premium Feature:

• Premium: To access the premium just stay on support server.

• Premium Plus: [Unknow]: Found it by yourself!

Premium Versions:

• Premium - It can use some features of the bot.

• Premium Plus - It can use more useful features.


Some Commands:


exo-fakemsg {@user} {message} • Create a fake message sent by another user

exo-ship {@user | text} {@user | text} • Ship everyone

exo-nitro • Get a free nitro with 3 boosts too! 100% legit


exo-HackBan {user id} [reason] • Ban a user from your server without him in the server

exo-Slowmode [1/600] • Change the channel slowmode

exo-Nuke • Delete and clone a channel for get a cleared channel from messages

exo-Give {Category} • Create a custom Giveaway

exo-Backup {Category} • Create/Load/Delete Backups gets from servers


exo-Whoami • Who are you for this bot?

exo-Emoji {Category} • Add/Edit/Delete/Send Emoji's with the bot

exo-GetID {@user | #channel | @role} • Gets the id of the channel/role/user

exo-AFK [reason] • You can let know you was AFK

exo-Ascii {font name} {content} • Custom Ascii Text with some Fonts



Anti-SendLinks/InviteLinks Bypass: [MANAGE_MESSAGES] • Members cannot sends links of websites or invites for others server.

Custom Emoji System • With this system you can sent message with custom emojis.

Bot Premium • The bot premium gives access for more features.

Bot Unknow Command • For know them typed a unknow command.

Mention Bot • When the bot is mentioned, a reply message will come.


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