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The godly economy bot based on Roblox where you can create games, trade, invest, and most importantly, earn bobux


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75k Per Vote!

You now get 75k bobux per vote to celebrate being on the front page of!


Boblox is the roblox economy bot you have been waiting for

Boblox's currency is bobux, and it features many fun commands such as creating games and playing other people's games

Earn Bobux:

$work - Work and Earn Bobux

$steal - Steal bobux from little kids, but you could get caught!

$daily - Claim your daily Bobux

$flip - Bet on a coin flip, using $flip heads|tails amount!

$bal - Check how many bobux you have

$give - Give your poor friends bobux. Format: $give @user amount

$store - View the store

$inv - View what you own

$buy - Buy items with $buy

$meme - Get a random clean meme cuz ppl complained

$vote - Vote for our bot if you like id :D (Voting is down rn)

$botstats - View the bot's stats

Create and manage a game:

$creategame - Create a game with $creategame name here

$gamestats - View the stats of your game

$devstats - View the private developer stats of your game

$devstats - Claim your bobux per minute every minute

$passcreate - Create a gamepass to increase your gamestats and bobux per min. $passcreate

$boosts- View the boosts you own. Boosts popularize your game and increase revenue

$boostshop- View the boosts shop

$boostbuy- Buy boosts with $boostbuy

$levelup- level up your game and increase limits on things like boosts and bobux per minute

$gameclaim - Claim the bobux you earned from your game!

$play - Play another user's game. $play @userwhohasagame!

Your goal is to max out your game with leveling it up to level 9 and maxing out boosts and gamepasses

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