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[IN DEVELOPMENT] This bot has many commands such as Moderation and many others! Mini-Mod is online 24/7






Mini-Mod is a discord bot based for moderation but can also be used for other things. (Commands are listed below)

These are my moderation commands:

slow x - sets the slowmode to x amount of seconds

clear x - clears the x amount of messages

kick - kicks the mentioned player

ban - bans the mentioned player

unban - unbans the mentioned player

giverole - gives the mentioned user the mentioned role

takerole - takes the mentioned role away from the mentioned user

Other commands:

help - shows the help menu

help [command] - shows additional help to the command

8ball - ask a question and you shall get an answer

echo - copies what you've said

servers - shows the amount of server I'm currently in

ping - responds with Pong! and the current ms/latency of the bot

userinfo - gives the user info of the mentioned player

updates - shows you the latest updates made to my bot

suggest - suggest a command for Mini-Mod

diceroll - rolls the dice

info - shows some info about the bot itself

More commands might be coming soon!

You can also request me commands and I might make them.

DM me ovesamaki#9149 if you have any problems or join the support server!

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