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A general multi purpose bot based on moderation, but with features like fun commands, economy, welcome and a lot more!



This bot has a wide range of moderation commands. From simple commands like kick, ban, mute etc to automod! Mod logs, like message edit, message delete, user ban etc Fun commands, like retaliable kill command(that gives money too!), ejecting users, chatbot that will reply to every message you send in that channel(made through an API), reddit memes, roasting users, interesting hack command etc General commands like AFK, server/user info, reminders, starboard and 3 custom command slots Economy commands(based on role shops which have 3 slots) like daily, work, crime, roulette etc Ticketting system, that has welcome tickets(a ticket when someone joins the server), use-command-to-open tickets, etc Welcome system(has an automatic API if enabled) with welcome auto role, a verification system, and a welcome message Levelling script that can have custom level up messages A gitbook website that explains all bot commands with images!

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