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i designed this bot as a fan bot and support it is free for everyone to use it has 3 working mod commands theres rules to the bot






this bot is tested and proven safe for use the bot is a fan bot so its all fan baced we are working to inprove the bot add more commands the bot also has commands suggestions command the bot is friendly and is my first bot i hope you like my bot ive spent time on it and as i said it is a support bot the bot will have new commands added the more support the more better i can make the bot the bot may go down for code updates or code fixes the bot is usful for mod it DMs the kicked or banned player with the reason you give the server kicked from and the mod member that used the commands the sparsh shah fan bot was designed to be a support bot for a singer songwriter and motivational speaker called sparsh shah this bot cant play music but it is usful to mod members and people who want to learn about sparsh shah

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