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A gacha bot specifically for vtubers. Collect obscure and well known vtubers, level them up and more.






Collect vtubers, level them up and collect items related to them. Currently 70 vtubers and 300+ items, more to come. (DM me if you want to add a specific vtuber)


  1. v!help - Show a lists of all possible commands, information on specific commands and other information.
  2. v!openpack - The first command (not counting help) you should use, generates a random vtuber that you'll need for the rest of the bot.
  3. v!equip - Equips a vtuber, your first one's automatically equipped.
  4. v!explore - The main-ish command, used to level up, gain currency and items.
  5. v!vtuberlist - Displays the vtubers you currently own.
  6. v!inventory - Displays the items you currently own.
  7. v!infuse - Infuse XP into your favorite vtubers.
  8. v!exchange - Exchange currency with XP and vice versa.
  9. v!leaderboard - Check out who's winning (or losing) the number's game.
  10. v!liquify - Melt down vtubers you don't need/want.
  11. v!sell - Sells items you find for currency.
and much more, all listed in v!help.

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