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Amazook is a friendly bot with fun commands and basic moderation! Add it now! >:3







What is an Amazook??

Nice question Buddy!

Amazook is a discord bot made with python, he is really awesome and I think you may enjoy it! :)

Yeah, But u havent told me what this bot does..? it is useless?

NO! He is really useful, Amazook brings moderation commands and fun stuff! such as showing u a cute doggo! >:3 or a cursed roblox image! >:O

Can u show me the available commands of Amazook?

Sure I can!


Moderation: Kick, Ban, Unban, Whois, Nuke

Fun: Meme, 8ball, Doggo, Cursed Roblox, Sussy, Joke, Hug, Kiss, Delete

Other: AmazookInfo, AmazookInvite

Current Version:

v0.9 Beta

Amazook is free to use, but not open source, its my project and I wont never make this bot open source >:(

Amazook is in an early Beta, bugs will be a thing join the discord server if u notice some

Need Help..?? Discord Server Invite:

Wanna Support the project? We accept Doge as Donations <3: DJF3uAjT19Ea82bQkWQWt1NgkfZXBXicVN

WARNING: Amazook its still in a early beta! Meaning that it has lots of bugs, Updates will be a rlly often thing

Hope you add amazook and enjoy your time with him! Have a g-day :)


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