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The most easy to use Discord bot! Advanced auto-moderation, Welcome and Music & much more!



All Commands Plugins :-

ce help info : About server🆎!

ce info : Server information📩!

ce : Clever Elites🛄!

ce owner : About owner🦉!

ce rules : Read rules here⚖!

k12 elites : About K12 elites🏴!

ce fun coms : To view fun commands🖨!

ce profile' : To view your profile🖼!

ce games : To fetch games🎮!

ce shell shocker : Shell Shocker🥚!

ce veng :🌠!

ce dank memer : dank Memer😹!

ce krunker : Kunkar🔫!

ce images : To see the variety of images📷!

ce image ran : To See any Random Image📡!

ce image nature : To see images of Pristine nature🏞!

ce image tech : To see the techy image⚙!

ce image forest : To see the images of forests!

ce snipe : To view deleted message!

ce modr coms : To view moderator commands🌳!

ce kick : To kick members🦶!

ce ban : To ban members🎒!

ce mute : To Mute Members🔇!

ce unmute : To Unmute Members🌌!

ce purge : To delete messages⛔!

ce help : For Clever Elite Bot help⛑!

ce commands : To view all Commands XD👾!

This bot is under development.If u face any kind of bugs then join the support server💻.

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