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Acoustic streams the highest quality music for you and your friends, hosts one of the most advanceed economies ever, and so much more!


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Jeve Stobs

New Features!

- Activity voice channel: YouTube Together, Poker Night,... - Slash commands - French Language support! | Support de la langue française ! - More coming soon...



Command description Usage
247 Stays in the voice channel even if no one is in it. 24/7
add Add a song to the playlist add <playlist name> <song>
back Plays the previous song in the queue. back
bassboost Bassboost the song bassboost [value]
create Create a playlist create <playlist name> <search query/link>
dc Disconnects the bot from the voice channel. dc
delete Delete a playlist delete <playlist name>
eliminate remove a song from the playlist eliminate <playlist name> <position> [position]
fast-forward Fast forwards the player by your specified amount. fast-forward <time>
join Makes the bot join your voice channel. join
load Load a playlist load <playlist name>
loop Loops the song or queue. loop [queue / song]
lyrics Get lyrics on a song. lyrics [song]
move Moves the specified song to the specified position. move <position> <new position>
nightcore Toggles nightcore mode. nightcore
np Shows the current song playing. np
pause Pauses the music. pause
pitch Sets the player's pitch. If you input "reset", it will set the pitch back to default. pitch
play Play a song. play <link / song name>
previous Displays the previous tracks that have been played. previous [pageNumber]
queue Displays the queue. queue [pageNumber]
remove Removes a song from the queue remove <position> [position]
resume Resumes the music. resume
rewind Rewinds the player by your specified amount. rewind <time>
search Searches for a song. search <link / song name>
seek Sets the playing track's position to the specified position. seek <time>
shuffle Shuffles the playlist. shuffle
skip Skips the current song. skip
speed Sets the player's playback speed. speed <Number>
vaporwave Toggles vaporwave mode. vaporwave
view View a playlist view <playlist name>
volume Changes the volume of the song volume <Number>


Command Description Usage
Balance Returns the user's balance ~bal
Base Buy/View bases which you can use to earn money from ~base
Beg Gives you a small amount of money from a random user in the server ~beg
Blackjack Play blackjack against the bot for a certain amount of money ~blackjack \<bet>
Camera Takes a picture using the camera and sells the image for cash. ~camera
Coinflip Choose heads or tails wih a bet. ~coinflip \<heads/tails> \<bet>
Daily Get your daily (every 12 hour) rewards. ~daily
Deposit Deposits a certain amount of money into your vault. ~dep \<amount>
Fish Try your luck and fish in an open lake ~fish
Hunt Try your luck and hunt in an open field. ~bal
Gamble Gamble in a basic dice game against Acoustic ~gamble \<amount>
Leaderboard Shows the leaderboard of the richest players ~lb
Mine Mines some of that fresh crypto (maybe Dogecoin???) ~mine
Postmeme Posts a random meme and gives you money based on how popular it is. ~pm
Search Searches under an item of your choice and gives you a random amount of money. ~search
Updgrade Buy/view upgrades you can do on your base ~upgrade \<buy/view> \<upgrade id>
WikiHow Guess the title of a WikiHow article based on the image. If you guess right, then you get money. ~wikihow
Withdraw Withdraws money from your vault. ~withdraw
Work Get a job and start working to earn money. ~work \<get> \<id> Then use ~work


Command description Usage
help Sends information about all the commands that I can do. help [command]
invite Send an invite link so people can add me to their server. invite
privacy Sends a link to the privacy policy. privacy
status Gets the status of the bot. status
support Get support on the bot. support
uptime Gets the uptime of the bot. uptime
ping Displays the latency of Acoustc at the current time. ping


Command description Usage
poll Create a poll for users to answer. ~poll <Question>
avatar Retrieves the avatar of the desired user. ~avatar @Person

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