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Kayi Bot

Kayi bot is a bot based on Turkish television series, it has moderation commands, fun commands, lots of other commands, more will be added.



This is a multipurpose bot with moderation commands some picture commands and some more to come in the future

Moderation -

clear -clear's messages , kick -kick members , ban -ban members , unban -unban members , info -shows user info , avatar -gives user avatar , server -shows the amount of servers the bot is in

Picture -

ertugrul -gives a pic of ertugrul. , halime -gives a pic of halime. , osman -gives a pic of osman. , bamsi -gives a pic of bamsi. , turgut -gives a pic of turgut. , tugtekin -gives a pic of tugtekin. , bala -gives a pic of bala. , selcan -gives a pic of selcan. , ibn_arabi -gives a pic of Ibn arabi. , gokce -gives a pic of gokce. , aslihan -gives a pic of aslihan. , bayhoca -gives a pic of bayhoca.

gif -

gives random gifs of any character

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