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Highly advanced message filtering and deletion - whitelist/blacklist bad words, links, bot commands, media and much more!


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Message Filter is a highly advanced autodelete/filtering system with...

  • 🔥 Autodeletion of messages containing configured text

  • 🖼️ Ability to only allow/disallow media and embeds

  • ✨ Set multiple filters per channel for maximum utility

  • 💬 Autosending messages or DMs when filter is triggered

  • 📝 Invertible filters allowing for whitelist/blacklisting

  • 🛠️ Easy to use yet extremely customizable setup

  • 🔓 No premium - everything absolutely FREE

  • 🔮 And much more!

Set Message Filter to delete any message that matches, starts with or contains any text you specify, or messages containing links, media or embeds.

Message Filter also allows you to set a custom message that will be displayed and autodeleted if you wish, or DM users when they trigger a filter. This is a feature indispensable for moderation.

Auto-delete warnings

Command: f!delmsg yourmessage

Only allow media/images/links

Command: f!usepreset mediaonly OR f!usepreset medialinksonly

Whitelisting messages/commands

Command: f!invert

Profanity censor

Command: f!createcontains yourcensor

Invite/link spam prevention

Command: f!createcontains https://discord

The possibilities are endless! All of Message Filter is open source and completely free with unlimited use - forever! Begin with command f!help.

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