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Potion is a powerful and completely free Discord bot with loads of commands from Moderation to Fun. Invite Potion and spice up your server!


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Potion Version 1.8.0

Added Music Module Run ".help Music" to learn more! Added Commands: • Nickname • Poll Updated Commands: Updated the help commands and a few typos in other commands Improvements: • Bug Fixes • Improved websocket connections


About the bot

Potion is a powerful and completely F2P(Free-to-play) Discord bot with a lot of commands from Moderation to Music to Fun. Spice up your server by adding this mythical bot! New Commands and Features get added every week and we are open to suggestions!

The bot is online 24/7 with a decent ping rate, and it only goes offline when a new feature is releasing!

Important Information

Bot Prefix: .

Bot Creator: SinisterDev#2006

If you ever require help with the bot, or if you wanted to report a bug, join our Official Server

For the list of Commands, run the .help command!

View the bot's Status Page for more information about how RARE the bot goes offline!

Support the bot!

If you love the bot, please consider voting it. It takes a few seconds but it will definitely help the bot!

We are striving to make the best F2P bot there is on Discord, and I am sure we will achieve this feat.

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