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Image Manipulation at your fingertips...






Image Manipulation at your fingertips.


  • CanvaBot services uses the Discord API to operate. whilst being hosting on a private VPS server. It is written, light-weighteningly and optimized by Node-JS using the objectical Discord.JS library...


  • CanvaBot serves a variety of commands to use to manipulate images and avatars to your liking... not only that, but more is to come soon! View Commands


  • CanvaBot has been in the months in process of being redone, optimized, and thoroughly looked over by one Developer. Rewriting the whole Discord Bot... Not to mention, it's also Open Source.

About CanvaBot - Written by the Developer

  • CanvaBot used to a be a project I used to heavily work on back in 2020 having an idea of creating a bot that could do image manipulation towards Discord Avatars. However, since I deprecated the old CanvaBot. I decided to rewrite it. With much more optimization and improved code. Much, much better than the old version of CanvaBot. And today, I have made a bot that could do more than just what the old CanvaBot did. The new CanvaBot contains a variety of more and fun image manipulation commands which you can freely test out on your friends or fellow members. With the newer CanvaBot. You can use memes or filters to make your profile picture more whacky or aesthetic. It's what you do with the paint brush given to you... "No one can tell you what you can or cannot do." -Vareide



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