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Skeidox is used for many different things, such as, Moderation, fun, economic and server commands.








Help command -help

😃 Fun Commands 😃

-profile (Shows your own user profile, if the profile is not set it will say "Not Set" on both the age and the name.)

-set (age, name, color) (will set what you want your age or name/nickname and color to be.) (OPTIONAL)

-avatar @user ( This shows the mentioned user's profile picture.)

-skeidox (Shows general info about Skeidox like stats, devs and much more.)

-hack @user (This is for fun, just brings back random info for mentioned user.)

-8ball (question) (You ask a question and you will receive a truthful answer...)

-kill (@mention) (This will 'kill' the person mentioned..)

-codes (This shows you the avaliable codes we have posted that give special perks)

💸 Econmic Commands 💸

-work (Gives you money for working.)

-bal (Shows you how many coins is in your wallet and bank.)

-dep (Puts coins into your bank.)

-with (takes coins out of the bank.)

-donate (amount) @user (Donates selected amount of money from your wallet to mentioned user.)

-rob @user (Robs Members from there "Wallet" must have 500 coins to rob.)

-crime (Does a randomized crime and gives you money.)

-daily (Every 24h you can use this command to get 5,000 coins.)

-leaderboards (Shows the leaderboard Globaly, and shows the bank leaderboard Globaly.)

👋 Welcome Commands 👋

-config welcome #channel (This sets what channel you want the welcome message to send in.)

-welcomemsg (message)Sets what the message will say when a user joins joins server.)**

-removewelcome (This takes away the welcome message when users join.)]

🔨 Moderation Commands 🔨 -msetup (This makes the muted role and gives instructions beacuse life isn't easy..)

-mute @user (Stops the user mentioned from talking in any channels!)

-unmute @user (Allows the user that was muted to speak again)**

**-kick @user (This kicks the mentioned user!) Make sure the bots role is above all non administration roles!)

-ban @user (This bans the mentioned user!) Make sure the bots role is above all non administration roles!)

-purge (1-500) (This deletes the amount requested (1-500) in the chat the command was used in.)

📥 Report / Suggestion System 📥

-bug (command bugged and how) (This sends a report to Skeidox's staff team, send bugs with this command and we will fix them as soon as possible!)

-suggest (suggestion) (This sends your suggestion to our main server and we will look at them and may add them 😀)

WARNING: All of these commands are case sensitive!

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