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Akino is a multipurpose, lite-weight Discord bot with 24/7 uptime.







The only Discord bot you will ever need


Akino is a free, lite-weight Discord bot made in DBD.js

  • Free, forever!
  • Completely open source!
  • Weekly updates!


  • Advanced Moderation 🛡️
  • Automation Features - Auto Mod and Anti Link 🔒
  • Customizable Prefix and Embed Color ✨
  • Roleplay Commands ❤️
  • 24/7 Uptime 🕐

Akino is written in DBD.js by Shawn

DBD.js is a lite-weight discord.js wrapper

Techy Stuff

Below is what runs Akino - Servers, websites, etc.

  • AWS - EC2 Instance (t2.medium)
  • Freenom - Domain provider
  • DBD.js - Lite-weight Discord.js wrapper
  • Replit - IDE used to develop Akino
  • Node.js - Required to make DBD.js run

All of the stuff used is linked above. Akino's source can be found on the github page.


Invite Akino by clicking here.

If you want to change the prefix, use the command (replace a/ with your prefix if needed):

a/prefix <new prefix>

For changing the embed color, type(replace a/ with your prefix if needed):

a/color <color hex code>

Slash Commands

Akino will have support for slash commands in the future.

As of now, we would like our users to start preparing to use slash commands. Make sure that every role you want to use slash commands has the permission to use them.

When Slash commands do come out, they will not be global. They will have to be configured on a server by server basis.

Use the command below to configure slash commands once they come out (replace a/ with your prefix if needed):

a/slash <command> <slash command>

Note: MANAGE_SERVER permission is required for making Slash Commands.

To verify they worked, type the command below:

a/<slash command>


Shawn - 2021

Akino, let's go!

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