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IMPORTANT The bot can log stats after it has been invited, anything sent before the bot has joined the server will not be logged! It is also important to note that for the first hour the graphs will not show data properly! This is because there is not enough stats to show you. Once an hour has passed the graphs will start to take form :)

Statman is a new, fun and highly sophisticated bot which allows you to monitor and track your guilds stats! We use the latest modern technological advancements to create highly functional and good looking graphs to display your guilds stats.

  • 🧭 High quality timed stat tracking
  • ⚔️ Battle with other people for the highest place on the message-top leaderboard!
  • 📊 Real-time and user-driven stats
  • 🔮 And much more coming soon!

What is Statman?

Have you ever wished that you could see your guilds growth over time? Well I certainly have! Discord analytics just do make the cut when it comes to high quality stats and graphs.

This is why I decided to develop Statman. The only bot you will need to monitor your guilds stats (with no caps or limits)

How to use

To begin using Statman all you need to do is invite it to your guild. It will then automatically start tracking your guilds stats.

The stats that the bot currently tracks is:

Total joined members (per day, and all time) Total leaves (per day, and all time) Total amount of members overtime Total messages (per day, and all time) Total joined voice connections (per day, and all time)


.help - Lists all of the commands.

.graph joinedmembers [day or alltime] Shows the graphs for the total amount of members which have joined your guild.

.graph totalleaves [day or alltime] Shows the graphs for the total amount of members which have left your guild.

.graph messages [day or alltime] Shows the graphs for the total amount of messages that have been sent over time.

Coming soon

Total amount of bot commands over time

Total amount of files sent over time

Total amount of emojis sent overtime

Total amount of bans overtime

Total amount of kicks overtime

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