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A powerful bot with features such as Moderation | Music | Emotions and games!







Super easy to use help command with detailed information for every category

Has commands such as
~stats which provides detailed information of the bot for all y

ou nerds out there








Fun truth or dares for everyone to enjoy! 

~truth (aliase: t): Provides one of the 100 truth questions (more getting added)

~dare (aliase: d): Provides one of the 100 dare questions (more getting added)  





Powerful Moderation Commands.


~purge <amount> : Purges the channel with the selected amount of messages (bulk deleting may take a while)

For the other moderation commands please see ~help Moderation






Advanced music commands for full enjoyment

For all the commands see ~help Music
(too many to list)








Display your emotions using the emotion commands

~givecookie <user> : Gives someone a cookie ;D how lovely


For more commands see ~help emotions

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