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This bot has 100+ commands and also its an really cool bot



R!help - see all bot commands R!addemoji - you can add an emoji to your server R!botinfo - you can see my bot's info R!corona - you can see how much corona is near you or anywhere R!delemoji - you can delete and emoji form the server R!enlarge - You can make the emoji your gonna use bigger R!feedback - You can rate my bot from 1 - 5 R!github - you can see any github pages R!invite - you can invite my bot from there R!math - It can answer an math question for you R!movie - It can give you details of an movie you chose R!ping - Shows you Latency of my bot! R!serverinfo - can show you the server info on how many members there are R!uptime - it can show you the uptime of my bot R!userinfo - it can find out when your account was made and driscrimantor. R!weather - it can find out whats the weather in an city or state R!animesearch - it can search up kid friendly anime. No NSFW in this bot baby! R!ascii - can turn it to ascii text R!cuterate - it will guess how cute your are R!dumbrate - it will guess how dumb you are R!gayrate - it will tell you how much gay you are R!magik - it will show you some magik (It can tell an while) R!meme - it will tell you an meme R!message - it will Dm you with an word R!pokemon - it will tell you an pokemon character or movie R!respect it will tell you how much respect you have R!scary - it will show you something scary R!tweet - lets you tweet something in twiteer form R!urban - shows an urban city R!wanted - shows your pfp in the wanted list R!bal - shows your inv and money R!rob - lets you rob someone R!beg - you can beg for money and get some R!crime - you kill someone but you can get caught! R!dep - still working on it! R!leaderboard - shows who has the most money in your server R!pay - you can pay someone R!with - Working on it still! R!work - you can work and earn money R!ban - it can ban someone R!lock - it can lock an c R!blacklist - it can blacklist someone R!eval - Working on it still R!payout - you can pay someone R!whitelist - you can whitelist someone R!fire - you will be in fire R!triggered - You will be triggered

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