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TikTok meets Discord. 100% FREE Post Notifications, video watching, profiles and more! Partnered with 15+ creators! 💃 🕺 🩰🎹🎤


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🎉 Release v1.8.5 - We're back baby! HUGE Update!

Hey party people! New update today that I think people are really going to like! • Videos are now usable again. After testing, the success rate for a video is now at around 95%, from a measley 20%. • Subscriptions now work again and the video for them does now post • Setting a custom server prefix works; it was a small logic hole that prevented servers that didn't already have one from creating one • Oh hell yeah that's sexy: Fixed the buttons for the link command • Added emoji related help commands to the 'General' help menu • Use a TikTok emoji by typing [emoji] (Ex: [proud]) • Add a TikTok emoji to your server with t!addemoji <tiktok-emoji> • Get the raw TikTok emoji image with t!emoji <tiktok-emoji> • List all TikTok emojis with t!emojis • Welcome message (with buttons!) when the bot joins a guild • Added a cool-down for all video related commands to prevent spamming • Added a cache to videos. If you request the same video within 30 minutes, it takes ~1 second to post! • Added a voting advertisement. Vote once per month to remove the advert





TikTok meets Discord.



Watch Videos

Watch any TikTok video by posting its link in chat, also retrieving its likes,
views, comments, shares, and much more via a highly interactive menu!

Example Usage

User Lookup

Get detailed information on any TikTok user.
Use the command t!user <name>.

Post Notifications

Get a notification & copy of your favorite creators' videos
whenever they post to their page! Visit t!help for more info.

Detailed Data

Get specific details such as followers, verification status, likes,
privacy, avatar, and much more. Use command t!<detail> <name>

For You Page

Get trending videos from TikTok's For You Page
Use the command t!fyp to do this.

So Much More

Check out the many other features of this bot through
the help command GUI. Type t!help.

Video Demo

A video demonstration of the TikTok lookup feature.





TikTok meets Discord.



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