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Local Dealer can Deal you Fresh Trending Memes, Utility Things, Image Manipulation, Fun Things and More! Interested? Check me out!



[=] Reworking all commands

Hi, I'm now reworking almost all commands. When the bot will not be responding, it will be probably restarting or so. If you will find any bugs, do !ld report <bug> - I will be happy, if ya do so. Thanks for using my bot! ~Urban


Hi, I'm Local Dealer, I can do lots of things, but I'm new on the scene :-)

My top commands are:

  • Meme & Prepearing Timed Meme Command

  • Advanced Userinfo Command

  • Anime Gifs

  • Animals & Facts

  • Roleplay Gifs

  • Jokes, Dadjokes & Roasts

  • Announcments & Changelogs

  • Advices & Suggest Command

  • Lot More!

  • I plan lots of things!

Interested? Invite me today!

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