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A Multi-Purpose Bot with Moderation Commands, an AutoMod Function, Captcha, Fun Commands and even a Casino!






Tamako bot is a Multi-Purpose Bot that has multiple functions that are essential to any discord server. The bot has the following categories/modules:




-Fun Commands


The bot also has per-server configuration and can easily be set up through commands. To see the current configuration you can use the !Dashboard Command. The bot sets everything ready upon joining.

After that you have to configure it yourself with the commands in the Dashboard Category:

-AutoMod ON or OFF

-BanWords (It is completely Interactive, please seperate the words with ", ".)

-CaptchaRole ROLE (The role you will receive when you complete the captcha)

-CaptchaStatus ON or OFF

-Casino ON or OFF

-CasinoChannel (It is completely Interactive)

-Fun ON or OFF

-FunChannel (It is completely Interactive)

-LogChannel CHANNEL

-MutedRole ROLE

-Whitelist (It is completely Interactive)

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