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Shutting down... For now.

We are shutting the bot down for now while we work on it. thanks we will also probably clear the database during this time


This bot is still in development version: PRE-0.6.3


>levelup - levelup when you have 1000 coins

>p or >profile - show a users profile

>c or >clan - clan commands (>clan help for more info)

>banchannel #channel or >bc #channel - stop chests and enemies spawning in the channel

>unbanchannel #channel or >ubc #channel - let chests and enemies spawn in the channel

>banchannels or >bcs - list channels banned in the server

>inv or >inventory - show your inventory

>bio set ... - set your bio

>bio - views your bio


The sky started to glitch vigorously, what used to be a calming blue was suddenly a deathly red The world below began to choke as the sky was corrupted As the air became thicker, the world became darker, fading away until there was no one else there to see it turn to ruin...

That day, you were stolen from your kin... left powerless in what seemed like a new world

The second abyss teared the fabrics of the world Only to reveal a new one underneath One without the world built by your kin One without anyone of your kin One with a new set of people With only you, the irregular of the world as an outcast

The new world is governed by a sole entity Known as Zasalamel, Weilder of The Scythe Kafziel The Controller of Time The One Who Governs Your Fate In The Afterlife

Your first battle with him ended long before it had a chance to begin Which remains the sole reason to prepare for the war that is to come A War against Fate, and the Pure Order of the New World we reside in...

This is a quick Wiki of the game


Every time you send a message you will earn 0-5 coins when you have 1000 of them you can levelup using the webpage at


There are multiple types of abilities (normal, magic and rare)

Here are the chances of getting them

There is a 50% of getting an ability There is then a 33% chance that that is a magic ability Then there is a 1% chance that that magic ability will be a rare ability


You can create clans by using the >c or >clan command (>clan help for more info)

Chests and Enemy's

Chests and enemys will spawn as you talk, to fight of collect the items you just need to click the link on the embed

chests and enemies will not spawn in banned channels use >bcs to see a list of banned channels

Yuo can stop chests and enemies spawning by using >bc #channel and let them spawn again with >ubc #channel


When you die whilst fighting an enemy you won't be able to speak in any server the bot is in to respawn click the link the bot dms you or go to


Events are coming soon we have some special ideas for them :D


you can set your bio by doing >bio set <whatever> please don't say anything rude in them or your bio may be removed

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