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This discord bot is a small but nice discord bot vor you!






This discord bot is a small but nice discord bot, we have a report system so that you can send us bugs or ideas so that we can improve the bott, we would be happy to receive a good rating, and there are weekly updates!

Moderation Commands: ⪢ help (shows help) ⪢ clear (clear messages) ⪢ kick (kick user) ⪢ ban (ban user) ⪢ time (shows time off europe berlin)

Entertainment Commands: ⪢ meme (comming soon) ⪢ cookie (sends a cookie to the channel) ⪢ lost (sends a specific photo to the channel) ⪢ joke (comming soon)

Utility Commands: ⪢ avatar (comming soon) ⪢ userinfo (comming soon) ⪢ info (shows information about the server) ⪢ report (you can send bugs or ideas to us with these commas, NO SPAM!) ⪢ invite (Invite the Discord Bot to our server) ⪢ discord (official discord from bot)

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