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! "Abey°

! "Abey°

this is for people who are on the phone to better see the description go to the three small dots in the upper right and activate the place where it says "pc version"


ripas topas and a multi function bot you can invite ripas topas here
ripa topa to regular updates commands are updated regularly so that it is secure as possible.

ripas topas at 1 help and no it's not page but the page is coming up very fast s!help ripa topa at over 150 commands.


the prefix of all commands is s! there are no commands to change the prefix yet but it is coming soon....

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       • ⚒️ moderation
       • 🎮 - game
       • 💪 utility
       • 😂 - fun
       • 🧱 roblox is fortnite.
• 🎉 - giveaway in development
       • 🎟️ ticket available soon ..... In development
       • 🗞️ - info
   • 🏦 economy
       • 🔢 - level to come in developement
       • 🦠 - action is covid-19

⚒️ moderation

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commands     description      arguments     example    
s!setban,s!unban,s!kick (s!ban lifetime you can unban and kick it can come back) s!ban (user),s!kick (user) (reason) ban abey,kick tabby insult + infractions
s!warn s!warn tightens up when a member s!warn (user)klaire warning. send image forbidden
s!clears!clear and the number of messages you want to delete s!clear (number)clear 34
s!roleinfo (s!roleinfo tries to get information about a specific role) s!roleinfo (mention the role).roleinfo @partenership

🎮 - game

commands     description    arguments      example     
s!rps s!rps rock paper siscors s!rps rock s!rps rock paper siscors
s!rusr s!rusr (roulette russe)
s!rusr s!rusr it's roulette russe none none

🧱 Roblox Is Fortnite

. . .
Commands &emsp ;     Description      Arguments    Example    
s!rp,s!rba s!rp stands for roblox profile and s!rba PutsAn image of the skin of the person you wroteAn image of the skin of the person you wrote s!rp (profile name roblox). rp (profile name roblox),s!rba (profile name roblox) does not make an error otherwise its not putrp NiakirldBG,rba Zkzyah2xzsr
s!fortniteshop,s!fortnitestats fortnite Shop puts you the store this day fortnite stats you put a name and you can see the stats none,s! fortnitestats (Fortnite Profile Name) none,fortnitestats Couscous

🎉Giveaway (Soon....)

 . .
Commands     Description      Arguments      Example     
s!giveaway,s!end Giveaway is a draw or there is a winner or multiple winners but it is still under construction s!end is to find out the winner at the end of the time s!giveaway(time) (prize),none giveaway 4d Nitro boost 5,none
s!reroll this is a reroll when a member that a win is that don't come to pick up their reward you can reroll to denote that it randomly picks a winner none none

🎟️ Ticket (in developement)

. .
Commands     Description      Arguments     Example    
s!ticket,s!close Just do this command and its will be activated but it is still under construction is s! close which closes the ticket s!ticket (help message),s!close ticket help me a member a insult someone,s!close for close the ticket

🗞️ Info

. .
Commands     Description      Arguments      Example     
s!serverinfo,s!user With s!serverinfo you can have the server info is s!user to have information about a user none,s!user (mention user) (optional) none,s!user abey#3306 (optional)
s!botinfo s!botinfo to get bot info none none

🏦 Economy

. . . . . . .
Orders      Description      Arguments      Example     
s!bal,s!with s!bal is for look Your money is s!with is for Recover of money . none,s!with (number or all) none,with 728 or all(optional)
s!dep,s!rob s!dep is for Put of money in in in his bank is s!rob is for rob of money . s!dep (number or all),s!rob (@user) none,r/rob @abey#3306
s!crime,s!work crime is code for having money s!work is the same thing . none,none none,none
s!casino,s!addmoney s!casino is for gambling Casino is s!addmoney is for adding money . s!casino (number),s!addmoney (@user) (number) s!casino 300,s!addmoney @lorznzo#6396 2992
s!resetmoney,s!removemoney s!resetmoney is to reset all your money is s!removemoney is to remove a number of money . s!resetmoney (@user),s!removemoney (@user) (number) s!resetmoney @Kclaire#7125,s!removemoney @Kclaire¤#7125 100000
s!pay,s!top s!pay is to give money from are account s!top is to see the ranking . s!pay (@user) (number),none pay @Tabby 100,none
s!roulette,s!roulette-info s!roulette is a game to win money is s!roulette-info is to have in info about roulette games . s!roulette (number) (space),none roulette (number) (space),none

🔢 Level (in development)

. .
Commands     Description      Arguments     Example    
s!rank that's for look are rank it's level and that position s!rank (@user optional) rank @"ð'¨ð'ƒð'†ð'šÂ° (optional)

🎬 Action is Covid-19

. . . . . .
Commands     Description      Arguments      Example     
s!covid Covid to have in information about covid-19 s!covid (country) s!covid (country)
s!slap s!slap By mentioning someone s!slap (mention user) s!slap @abey
s!kiss s!kiss is to give someone s!kiss (mention user) s!kiss @abey
s!hug s!hug is giving someone s!hug (mentioning the user) s!hug @abey
s!cookie,s!cat s!cookie is to give a cookie to the bot is s!cat is to have a cat image and we put s!cat (message) none,s!cat (message or none) none,s!cat hmmmm
s!bang s!bang is to give someone a bang by mentioning s!bang (mentions user) s!bang @abey
s!dog,s!scream s!dog a dog image comes out and you can even write pretending s!dog (message) Is s!scream it's a meme you can create s! dog!dog (message or none),s!scream (text1)/(text2) s!dog ohhhhh ahh I don't know,s!scream yeahh of the scream/NOOO


. .
Commands      Description      Arguments     Example    
s!antilink on You can enable with this command so that members do not advertise in your server none none
s!antilink off With this s!antilink off you can disable the anti Link with this none none

I invite you to go to the site to have more information and see a little better or come to the server support Ripas Topas has 3 help s!help s!2help is s!3help.

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