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A Multi Purpose bot, Custom Prefix Change Per Server, Moderation Commands, Management Commands, General Commands, Music Commands Coming Soon


! (Customisable)

Enigma is a multi task bot. Moderation Commands

  • Mute | Usage: !mute <@user> | Mutes a user and prevents him from using chats till the end of the duration set. (Must Have a "Muted" role)
  • Ban | Usage: !ban <@user> | Removes the user from the server and stops him from rejoining.
  • Kick | Usage !kick <@user> | Makes a user leave the discord server.
  • Unmute | Usage: !unmute <@user> | Falsely Muted someone? Unmute him with this command.
  • Unban | Usage: !unban | Falsely Banned someone? Unban him with this command.
  • Set Prefix | Usage: !setprefix | Max Letters/Numbers/Symbols are 5.

General Commands

  • Meme | Usage: !meme 1 | Sends a random meme from the redit dank memes.
  • Ping | Usage: !ping | Displays Bot's Ping
  • MemberCount | Usage: !membercount | Shows the membercount of the server.
  • Avatar | Usage: !av <@user> | Sends the User Mentioned Profile Picture or av to Display your own avatar.
  • UserInfo | Usage: !whois <@user> | Displays info on a user. You can also do whois to display your own information.
  • Covid | Usage: !covid | Stats on Covid-19.

Music Commands

  • Play | Usage: !play <song name/URL> | Plays a song, must be in a voice channel.
  • Queue | Usage: !queue | Displays the queue of the songs.
  • Pause | Usage: !pause | Pauses the currently playing song.
  • Now Playing | Usage !now-playing | Shows Indepth Information about the currently playing song.
  • Resume | Usage: !resume | Resumes the song paused.
  • Skip | Usage: !skip | Skips the playing song.
  • Stop | Usage !stop | Leaves the voice channel, stops all music queued.
  • Loop | Usage: !loop | Plays over and over the current song. Loop can be turned off by doing !loop again.
  • Volume | Usage: !volume <number from 1 to 100> | Sets the volume's level.

*You can always do !changelog to check out changes on the bot or join the support server.

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