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ChatBot is a unique chatbot that's powered by artificial intelligence.


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ChatBot is a unique chatbot that's powered by artificial intelligence. ChatBot mainly uses slash commands. To get help you can run >help .


/bind [channel id] | Binds ChatBot to a channel. If you talk in the channel that's binded, ChatBot will reply to you.
/unbind [channel id] | Unbinds ChatBot from a channel. ChatBot will no longer reply to anyone that talks in the unbinded channel.
/list_binded | Lists all of the binded channels in a server.
/invite | Displays link you can invite ChatBot with.


Q: Why does ChatBot make typos?
A: ChatBot makes typos to simulate a real person!
Q: Why does ChatBot use slash commands?
A: ChatBot uses slash commands memorizing every bots prefix is chaos.
Q: What if I dont want others to see my conversation with ChatBot
A: You can have a private conversation by DM'ing the bot.
Q: Is ChatBot perfect?
A: No, ChatBot is not perfect. Just like any other AI. ChatBot is one of the closest to perfect you can get though.
Q: Does ChatBot go offline like other bots?
A: No! ChatBot will not go down like other bots, unless it is getting updated. ChatBot is hosted on a dedicated server.
Q: What makes ChatBot unique?
A:ChatBot has support for nearly every single language. (Except obscure ones)
Q: I found a bug, where can I report it?
A: You can report it by joining the discord server and directly messaging a moderator.
Q: I have a great suggestion! Where can I suggest it??
Q: We value your suggestions, to suggest something join the discord server and DM a moderator. The moderator will pass it up to a developer, and your suggestion will be considered!

How to get a channel's ID:

Believe it or not, many people have trouble getting a channel's id. Read this guide to find out how to get a channel id.

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