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A bot for all fans of YouTuber Luka T. Shows his favourite things and helps you learn more about him. List of commands: lt youtube – link to Luka T's YouTube channel, lt ig – link to Luka T's Instagram, lt fb – link to Luka T's Facebook, lt web – link to Luka T's website, lt patreon – link to Luka T's Patreon, lt trains – link to Luka T's railway videos, lt planes – link to Luka T's aviation videos, lt fav airliner – find out what's Luka's favourite passenger plane, lt fav GA plane - shows you Luka's favourite GA aeroplane lt aerobatic – pic of an aerobatic plane, lt airbus – pic o fan Airbus plane, lt steam – pic of a steam train, lt music – link to Luka T's music videos, lt sheets – link to Luka T's sheet music, lt best trek ship – shows the best Star Trek ship, slo politics – link to a video about Slovenian politics, hrmph – wot? There are also some secret commands and easter eggs. Good luck finding them!

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