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Nini has contents to make your server enjoyable with cute Currency system and Customizable profile cards. Adorable pets to feed & play.


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Nini has contents to make your server enjoyable with cute Currency system and Customizable profile cards. Get adorable pets, feed & play with them.

Here's what we offer:

  • Tons of things to collect.
  • Customizable profile cards.
  • Daily rewards.
  • Inventory & Shop with buy features.
  • Reminders for your cooldowns.
  • Stable economy.

Active developer, frequent feature & content updates.

Section 1. Earning & Investment

  • collect Get free rewards like coin, charms and energy to buy stuffs from store.
  • sneak Need more rewards? Sneak into someone's house and collect goodies.
  • enchant Cast some spell and get rewards.
  • time travel Teleport to past and future and steal some rewards.
  • bal Check your bank balance and invest them carefully.

Section 2. Customizable Profile & Edits

  • set name { name } Set your custom name for your profile card.
  • set bname { banner name } Set your banner name accordingly to your banner.
  • set blink { banner link } Choose your own banner for your profile decoration.
  • profile Showoff your profile to other people.

Section 3. Shopping & Purchasing

  • store Buy amazing stuffs for you living and open chest for goodies.
  • buy { Item Code } You can buy things from store using item codes as listed on every product.
  • use { Item Code } You can use things from inventory using item codes.
  • inv | inventory You can check your purchased items in your backpack.

Section 4. Miscellaneous

  • contact { message } You can contact developer using this and let developer help you directly.
  • ping Get nini's response on your fingertips.
  • delete.account If you want to reset your progress or want to play again from start. It will ask your confirmation before deleting.
  • linklist You can get all important links that you need we have provided here.

I'm developed by Ninnies. I have a few commands installed, Want to try ? Use "ni!help" to get started.

Do you have any issues? or Questions. Join Support Now!! Reach support server and give us chance to help you.

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