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❓ Why choose Dekuro?

Trusted and used by over 2000+ users, Continuously updated and working on Nearly all free, Absolutely NO votelock, Easy-to-use bot, Reliable / high uptime, Gives a new layer to your discord server

🚨 Moderation

Dekuro provides a complete moderation suite, perfect for your server. Dekuro's powerful auto-moderation will keep your server clean from spam, advertisements and more. Use moderation logging to keep your moderators accountable.

📈 Economy

Dekuro provides an economic system for you to raise money, Shop and enter the top global leaderboard!

🗒️ Logging

No more do you have to wait multiple seconds for logs from other bots or check discord audit logs. Use Dekuro logging features to enhance your moderation experience. Arcane currently logs:

Members Nick Join Leave Messages Edit Delete Purge Moderation Ban Unban Mute unmute

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