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Hosty makes it possible to listen to your favorite music with all your friends. Add it to Discord today and start listening!



--Music-- (You can use h!play to start music)

(You can use h!skip to skip music)

(You can use the h!lyrics in order to better know the music you hear)

(You can use h!stop to stop the song)

(You can use h!ping to see your ping)

(You can use h!queue to see queue)

(You can use h!nowplaying to see the current song)

(You can use h!creator to see the creator)

(You can use h!invite to invite the bot to your server)

(You can use h!skipto to skip music to another queue)

(You can use h!pause To pause the current music in the server)

(You can use h!resume To resume the paused music)

(You can use h!leave to remove the bot from voice)

Come on, invite this bot to your server I'm waiting for it. :D

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