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The Yanki Bot is a fun little device that can help you with your evert day usage on discord, with moderation and fun perks.



The Yanki Bot is something that you can use for any purpose, this could be for moderation purposing which you can ban, kick, mute, unmute and much more, or if you simply want to have fun with it and play a game of Rock Paper Scissors. Updates are constantly being rolled out which will be helping to improve the bot in all ways! When trying to mute somebody, if you decide to keep them muted until you feel like it, you could simply say y-mute {@user}, but if you want to set a custom time limit to the mute, you can say y-mute {@user} {5s} which will keep them muted for 5 seconds, before unmuting them and giving their original roles back. A dangerous command is the Nuke command, it can instantly delete a whole channel, but recreate it with all the permissions so it can get it a fresh new look.

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