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this bot has very high quality of music and have premium features we need to verified bot please add hope you enjoy



.clip Plays a clip sound | Aliases: () .clips List all clips | Aliases: () .help Display all commands and descriptions | Aliases: (h) .invite Send bot invite link | Aliases: () .loop Toggle music loop | Aliases: (l) .lyrics Get lyrics for the currently playing song | Aliases: (ly) .move Move songs around in the queue | Aliases: (mv) .np Show now playing song | Aliases: () .pause Pause the currently playing music | Aliases: () .ping Show the bot's average ping | Aliases: () .play Plays audio from YouTube or Soundcloud | Aliases: (p) .playlist Play a playlist from youtube | Aliases: (pl) .pruning Toggle pruning of bot messages | Aliases: () .queue Show the music queue and now playing. | Aliases: (q) .remove Remove song from the queue | Aliases: (rm) .resume Resume currently playing music | Aliases: (r) .search Search and select videos to play | Aliases: () .shuffle Shuffle queue | Aliases: () .skip Skip the currently playing song | Aliases: (s) .skipto Skip to the selected queue number | Aliases: (st) .stop Stops the music | Aliases: () .uptime Check the uptime | Aliases: (u) .volume Change volume of music | aliases: (v) Mod commands

  1. Ban
  2. Kick
  3. Whois
  4. Unban
  5. Warn
  6. Mute
  7. Purge
  8. Slowmode
  9. Nick
  10. Roleinfo
  11. Rolememberinfo
  12. Setmodlog
  13. Disablemodlog
  14. Lock (Lock the channel)
  15. Unlock (Unlock the channel)
  16. Lockdown (Fully Lock the whole server. [FOR EMRGENCIES ONLY])
  17. Hackban\forceban
  18. whois /

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