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A multi purpose bot including an rpg minigame. Have only just started creating so still lots of work to be done but check it out in BETA!



Villains Bot Mini Game

. Profile [pf]

Shows Profile containing everything that the player has.

  • Title -

    -Level - Health

    -XP -Minions -Wallet -Lairs Defeated
    -Bank -Rank [Global]

. Deposit

Deposits x amount of money to the bank.

. Withdraw

Withdraws x amount of money from the bank to the players wallet.

. Give (Player Tag)

Gives the player the number of coins specified by a user to the tagged user.

. Beg [1min CD]

Gives the player a random number of coins.

. Join Lottery

The user enters the global lottery to win Minions and Coins. [20 Minions per player in the lottery]

. Fight (Player Tag)

Will ask the player tagged to fight each other for some cash and experience. [3hr Cooldown base rate]

Dependencies include:

  • Number of Minions
  • Level
  • Number of Lairs defeated

The winning player will then gain the random number of coins and experience.

There is a small chance a player with a lower number of dependencies will win the fight.

. Search [5min CD]

Selects 3 random locations from the list that the player can search for Money. [This is Level and Lairs defeated dependent] [5min Cooldown base rate]

Then prompts a player to select one of the 3 locations to Search. X = Number of Coins found







[Abandoned Mine]

. Heist [24hr CD]

Selects a random location from the list that the player/s will commit a Heist and collect more minions.

[This is Number of Players dependent] [Join]

[35-80%, +5% per player, Total of 10 Players (Including Host)] X = Number of minions collected

Base rate of minions collected will be dependent on the Host Player’s current level.




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