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All the cool stuff cool kids need. Moderation, Memes, Image Manipulation, Chatrevive, Utilites, NSFW, and more...


> [customizable with >setprefix <new_prefix>]

Fun, easy bot with a lot of commands. More commands added daily. The bot has everything anyone can ask for! Also works by pinging the bot for example “@Babus help”

Moderation The most easiest moderation, their is! Ban- Bans the user Kick- Kicks the person from the server Purge- Clears messages in the channel “>purge 5” Mute/Unmute- mutes the person or unmute them Clear- clears all the author message lockdown/unlock prevent members to chat

Fun This command has so many commands for the user to enjoy and have fun with!

Essential Essential things for everyone, even had snipe like other bots, and other commands to play around with the bot!

Image This commands has many options that includes with image manipulation

Random The most random commands there is. This command has many topic commands for example: topic, would you rather and truth or dare.

Giveaway This command is used for giving away things, Nitro, Gift cards, ...

Utility Utility is use for important stuff, information about your server, or other things like that!

NSFW This command is for horny people above the age of 18, but it displays pornographics. “>help nsfw”/ "@Babus help nsfw" to get more information!

Music Player Yes you can’t believe it either?! This bot is so simple and has so many commands and also has a music player? This command is used for if you want to jam to your favorite songs/music/videos. Do “>join” to make the bot join call or “>leave” to make it disconnect from voice calls

More will be added soon! So be excited and try the bot out by yourself.

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