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Music Radio

A small music bot project I made.



!play Play a song with a given search term or URL aliases: [play, p]

!pause Pauses the currently playing track aliases: [pause]

!resume Resumes the paused track aliases: [resume]

!skip Skips the currently playing track aliases: [skip]

!nowplaying Shows the song playing right now aliases: [nowplaying, np]

!queue Shows the server queue aliases: [queue, q]

!search Searches YouTube for a given search term aliases: [search, sr]

!volume <1 to 100> Changes the volume of the song aliases: [volume]

!filters Get filter to change how the song goes aliases: [filters]

!filter Change the song tune using filters aliases: [filter]

!shuffle Shuffles the entire server queue aliases: [shuffle]

!clearqueue Clears the queue for the guild aliases: [clearqueue, cq]

!loop Loops or unloops the song playing aliases: [loop, lp, repeat]

!stop Disconnects the bot from the voice channel aliases: [stop]

!invite Invite the bot to your server aliases: [invite]

!setup Guides on how to set up the bot aliases: [setup, helpme]

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