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Bot for summoning gifs and images of assorted men from cdramas and other media.






Manbot summons random SFW pictures of various men when the user yells their name in all caps anywhere in a message in chat. For example, yelling ZHANG ZHEHAN will cause manbot to post a picture of Zhang Zhehan in the chat. Manbot also has a small chance of either rickrolling or sending a video of Gong Jun singing Wuhu instead of the man the user yelled for. If the user misspells the name of the man being yelled for, manbot will sometimes bonk the user instead of sending an image of the man.

The user can add images sent by manbot to their favorites list by reacting to them. The user may then summon a random image from their favorites list by yelling MANBOT FAVES. Images cannot currently be removed from the user's favorite list.

If you begin your message with MANBOT STATS, you can see various pan-server stats related to the bot. Alternatively, call MANBOT MY STATS to see your individual stats.

New men and functionality are added frequently.

Yell MANBOT HELP for help.

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