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Better Bans Bot will protect your server from unwanted people. Better Ban database for people who done bad things on discord.



Better Bans Bot is a bot to protect your server from unwanted user. When the bot joins your server, make sure it has slash command permissions. If it does run /help. All commands work in DMs. After you do /help, please do /autoban true so your server is protected by Better Bans. Better Bans will ban people who Raid Discord Servers, scam people, and other bad stuff. If you know someone that has done someone bad, you can also report them by doing /report user reason. Are unbiased staff team will look at your report, and contact both of you. If we feel that your report is true, you will get a message saying the user was banned. If we feel your report is false, you will be messaged saying the user wasn’t banned. You can also check if people are banned by doing /check UserID or mention. This will show you if they’re banned and why they’re banned. Also, make sure to create a channel to log all bans, so you know why and how they are banned. You can do this by doing /logchannel #channel. We hope you find this bot useful!

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