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Simply AI.. Yet Another Smartest Discord Bot with Music (BETA)






Simply AI (BETA)

Yet Another Smartest Discord Bot

The Prefix is ?

I am not the smartest of all but.. I think i am smarter like other smart chatbots

Want to invite me ?? Ok.. Invite Me


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

*How to set up this bot ?

Do ?setchannel (channel name) to make the bot talk there

*How to use the music feature in the bot ?

There is no prefix for the music commands.. Just say play (song name) when you chatting with the bot

*What is the use of this bot ?

This is yet another smartest chatbot in Discord. Said by the ALPHA users.. not me.

*What are the music commands

As i said.. there is not prefix or command for it.. Its just like a Google Assistant. Just say play (song name) or stop the song or skip the song and to change the volume.. Do ?volume (number.)

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