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Randomizer - The bot can create custom lists and select a random item from those lists.






Discord bot created in Python using discord.py. The bot can create custom lists using the ?list command and stores those lists in MongoDB. Those lists can also be deleted using the command ?delete. Bot returns 1 random item from the selected list when command ?random is used

The bot is in early version of development. I am now using it on my discord server to randomize drop location in Warzone. If you encountered a bug, please let me know and I will look into it as soon as possible. Commands:

  • ?commands
    • Lists all available commands.
  • ?delete {ListName}
    • Deletes existing list.
  • ?list {ListName}
    • Creates new list.
  • ?random {ListName}
    • Randomly selects one item from the list.
  • ?showlists
    • Prints all available lists for the user.
  • ?yesno
    • Gives Yes or No answer.
  • ?8ball
    • Gives random 8ball answer.

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