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A bot that allows you to send any emoji!



Hello, I am Emoji Ninja! I can send any emoji! Thus, on servers I am in, so can you! Take advantage of Discord Nitro Features without Discord Nitro! How to do so: Find an emoji Two-finger click it (on computer) and click Open Image In New Tab Find the Emoji ID, (https://cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/820993338383007754.png?v=1) Use e!emoji 820993338383007754 if it is a still image, and e!gif 820993338383007754 if it is a animated one (NOTE: e!gif is a voter-only command!) If you still have questions, you can use e!help for a help embed sent to your DMs, and e!nodmhelp for a non-DM help. You can join the support server by clicking the marked button!

This bot was created by @||TheCatsMoo||#7219. If you have any questions regarding the features of this bot, please DM them.

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