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Utility bot for Genshin Impact that features wish history, wish analytics, resin tracker, primogem calculator, gacha simulator and much more


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Greetings, everybody! Thanks to those of you who have stayed patient enough, the bot has finally been verified! Took a fair while, but now It can now grow past 100 servers. Don't hesitate to invite it!



GenshinLibrary is a utility bot made for Genshin Impact players that allows easier access to player details and flexible control over them. Keep track of everything important that's happening in your game!

GenshinLibrary features

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  • Wish history. Store and manage your wish history. You can view it in very convenient text tables, filter it by rarity, date, etc. You can also view your wishes on any rate up banners. The tables display pity counter on each row. You can easily import your wishes from the game by simply copy-pasting from history!

  • Personal wish analytics. Have all of your data aggregated for you! Analytics show all possible information you want to know about your wishes: totals, averages, odds for all rarities, rate up stats and a lot more.

  • Resin tracker. Keep track of your resin outside of the game, it's that easy.

  • Profiles. Profiles display your owned 5-star character and weapons alongside your current pities on all banners and current rate up guarantees. You can also select an avatar of any in-game character.

  • Primogem calculator. Calculate how much you can earn across a period of time, to have a rough idea how much you can save up. For accuracy, you can specify various settings: abyss, welkins, gnostics, your current balance, your current battlepass level (be it Sojourner or Gnostic). You can also choose to include an average amount of primogems you can get from events across a given period.

  • Gacha simulator. The gacha simulator entirely replicates the way the game's gacha works. Soft and hard pities for 4-stars and 5-stars and rate up guarantees. Results are displayed in nicely constructed images that display 4- or 5-star pity. You can also select to wish on any of the past banners!


Arguments in [] are necessary and arguments in <> can be left unspecified.

Command Description
addwishbulk [character/weapon/standard/beginner] [data] Add up to 6 wishes at once by copying them from the game.
addwish [character/weapon/standard/beginner] [datetime] [wishItem] Add a single wish to a certain banner.
removerecent [character/weapon/standard/beginner] [count] Remove recently added wishes on a certain banner.
analytics View your wish analytics.
analytics [user] View someone's wish analytics.
history [character/weapon/standard/beginner] <filters> View your wish history.
history [character/weapon/standard/beginner] [user] <filters> View someone's wish history.
bannerhistory [wishItem] View your wishes on a certain character/weapon banner.
bannerhistory [wishItem] <filters> View your wishes on a certain character/weapon banner.
bannerhistory [wishItem] [user] <filters> View someone's wishes wishes on a certain character/weapon banner.
setserver Set your in-game server to get access to wishes by banners and more analytics.
setresin [value] <nextIn> Update your resin.
resin View your resin.
subtract [subtract] Subtracts a certain value from your current resin.
profile View your profile.
profile [user] View someone's profile.
setavatar [character] Change your profile avatar.
resetavatar Set your avatar to default (Aether).
sim wish <count> Wish on the gacha simulator.
sim banner [character/weapon/standard/beginner] Select a banner to wish on.
sim inventory View your current items.
sim reset Reset your inventory.
primogems [version] [banner] <settings> Calculates the amount of primogems you can get before the end of a given banner in a given version.
primogems [days] <settings> Calculates the amount of primogems you can get across a given amount of days.
primogems [end] <settings> Calculates the amount of primogems you can get before a given date.

For more information on the commands, please use the gl!help [command] command within the bot itself!

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